The TARA Oceans expedition facilitated the study of plankton communities by providing oceans metagenomic data combined with environmental measures to the scientific community. This dataset focuses on 139 prokaryotic-enriched samples collected from 68 stations and spread across three depth layers: the surface (SRF), the deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM) layer and the mesopelagic (MES) zones. Samples were located in height different oceans or seas: Indian Ocean (IO), Mediterranean Sea (MS), North Atlantic Ocean (NAO), North Pacific Ocean (NPO), Red Sea (RS), South Atlantic Ocean (SAO), South Pacific Ocean (SPO) and South Ocean (SO). Here, only a subset of the original data is provided (1% of the 35,650 prokaryotic operational taxonomic units (OTUs) and of the 39,246 bacterial genes (NOGs) (selected at random).



A list containing the following components:


data matrix with 139 rows and 22 columns. Each row represents a sample and each column an environmental variable.


data matrix with 139 rows (samples) and 356 columns (prokaryotic OTUs).


data matrix with 356 rows (prokaryotic OTUs) and 6 columns indicating the taxonomy of each OTU.


a phylo object (see package 'ape') representing the prokaryotic OTUs phylogenetic tree.


data matrix with 139 rows (samples) and 638 columns (NOGs).


a list containing three following entries (all three are character vectors): name (sample name), ocean (oceanic region of the sample) and depth (sample depth).


The raw data were downloaded from


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