Find the location of the mixKernel User's Guide and optionnaly opens it = TRUE, view = html)



logical. Should the document returned by the function be the compiled PDF or the Rmd source. Default to TRUE


logical. Should the document be opened using the default HTML viewer? Default to html. It has no effect if html = FALSE


Character string giving the file location. If html = TRUE and view = TRUE, the HTML document reader is started and the User's Guide is opened in it.


If the operating system is not Windows, then the HTML viewer used is that given by Sys.getenv("R_BROWSER"). The HTML viewer can be changed using Sys.setenv(R_BROWSER = ).


Jerome Mariette <>

Nathalie Vialaneix <>

Examples = FALSE)
#> [1] "" = FALSE)
#> [1] ""
if (FALSE)